About us



Trap Kink is a company started by a Black woman from the streets of Philly. She noticed a need for real natural hair and skincare products for deeply melanated women with 4C, 4D, and beyond hair.After giving birth to her child, Trap Kink's owner began to experience severe hair loss of her crown and edges. After spending hundreds of dollars on store brought products, visiting dermatologists and allergists, the owner discovered that almost every product had at least one ingredient that proved harmful to dark skin, resulting in hair loss.

Trap Kink produces 100% all-natural organic products designed for melanated skin and 4c+ hair. These products feed the hair and skin. The essential vitamins it needs for healthy growth and length. Our Daily Trap Cream and oil can be used head to toe on the entire family to heal dry skin and promote cellular growth. Our Peppermint Trap Treatment gently cleanses the hair without drying out the scalp. Our Chocolate Trap mask conditions the hair while promoting hair growth and shine that is safe to use on the whole family.

The owner is enrolled in herbalist studies and clinical counseling to further her journey to combine hair and skincare as a part of self-care in Black communities. The owner's journey led her to 9 years of continued research. After nine years of research, the owner has found that products must also promote healthy skin to deeply melanated people to maintain healthy hair and length. Our hair, skin, and nails are like beautiful plants that need to be watered and fed with all-natural ingredients made from mother earth. Ingredients that provide vitamins and minerals to the hair and skin with additional harmful chemicals to Black skin. Girls from the hood often learn to use extensions and wigs to look beautiful on the outside. However, they do not learn how to protect their natural hair and to maintain healthy hair growth under the wigs. This 100% of all-natural products protect the entire Black family's hair and skin. The Black working women need to maintain healthy hair and scalp under her wig. The Black man needs to maintain healthy skin and beard, and the Black children naturally treat eczema, dry skin, and Trap moisture in their hair.

The essence of melanated Black women is earthly. We learn our hair does not grow or cannot be healthy in its natural kinks. We must erase the narrative that our hair is a chore and must treat our hair with respect as a part of self-care. Using these all-natural products will improve skin health, heal itchy and dry skin, traps moisture in 4c, 4d plus hair while promoting growth and shine. Trap Kink dedicates its work to showcase our growth and power.