Loving your Kinks with Y. Abrafi

Hey Trapkink gang, today we would like to highlight Natural Hair Blogger and Trapkinks newest Brand Ambassador @daisybrafi. Based out of Ohio, Natural Daisy slays every day embracing her kinks and coils. Here's what you need to know about this phenomenal Natural Hair Blogger, and why you need to follow her journey. Let's make sure Trapkink Gang support Daisy, check her out on all her social media platforms.
     " 3 years ago today, I grabbed some school scissors and chopped off all my hair. Honestly, I wasn’t too sure what would be the outcome. I knew my entire routine was going to change, but I didn’t know that there was so much more in store for me from my natural hair journey. It has been a journey full of discovery, light, and self-love.

     Often at times, we are taught at a young age to hide our hair and not deal with it because it’s unmanageable. We are taught to cover up our hair because it’s not presentable and we are taught to not embrace our hair because it is unprofessional. But the underlying issue does not lie with our hair and what it can’t do, rather our inability to take care of it due to not knowing what makes our hair unique and gives our hair its texture, versatility, and beauty. Natural hair and especially, kinky hair is extremely beautiful in all lengths and forms and my vision is to normalize healthy kinky hair, one content at a time. This is definitely going to be a long term project but I am up for the challenge and wherever it takes me!"


Instagram: @daisyabrafi

TikTok:  @D.Naturelle

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