Ginger of Gemini Flyii- 4C+ Jewelry Maker

Here at, we showcase our 4C+ women doing it big in all forms of business. Trapkink wants to highlight all our Trapkink 4C+ women who promote self-care and inspire all forms of wellness. Trapkink would like to highlight  Ginger CEO of Gemini Flyii handmade jewelry adornments made of brass and various sustainable materials. Here is what you need to know about Ginger of Gemini Flyii. Let’s make sure TrapKink Gang supports Ginger of Gemini FLyii…
“ Hello! I'm  Ginger the creative director of Gemini Flyii.
I've always loved jewelry since I was a kid, but not just any kind.
Bold, one-of-a-kind attention-grabbing jewelry was always my favorite.
After the birth of my daughter the desire to create jewelry tapped into my soul.
I taught myself how to make jewelry through books, tutorials but mainly through trial and error.
Making jewelry is my passion and in times has been my refuge for healing my own traumas.
My creating process is intentional and spiritual for me. “

Check out Gemini Flyii Handmade jewelry at
INSTAGRAM Ginger | Jewelry Maker (@geminiflyii) • Instagram photos and videos
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